Second graders have been hard at work creating businesses

May 31, 2023

Earlier this year, second graders listened to local Slumberkins CEOs Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen talk about how they started their business in preparation for a big project.

Students have been working on a community unit with five classrooms and each class created a different business complete with a logo, a business plan and a product to sell. The goal of this community project was not only to develop their own products from start to finish, but also sell the products during a ‘market,’ and donate the proceeds to Randall Children’s Hospital. The students from Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Verpoorten, Mrs. Rinta, Mr. Haensel and Ms. Seymour’s classes invited families to see and purchase their creations. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the market was open for business.

There was a business named “Timmy’s Lemonade,” painted rocks from “Rock Mania,” lanyards, bracelets and keyrings decorated with beads and shells from “Happy Beads.” Also for sale were special pens with glued decorations called “Positivity Pens” and crocheted containers with small plants growing inside from “Humble Root.” By no surprise, many of the items sold out within minutes!


$2193.00 was raised and will be donated to Randall Children’s Hospital

Way to go teachers and students!


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